Susan Geer & Corey Carter


Corey learned early that nothing else beats working for yourself.  Susan was motivated to sell the most, to be the best, to reach the goal.  While working as individuals and Team Leaders, Corey Carter & Susan Geer were working on their skills that would eventually become the foundation in operating their own real estate brokerage.

While studying business administration, Corey became more intrigued with the idea of owning his own real estate business.  “I watched family members invest in real estate all my life,” says  Corey.  “I found it interesting, challenging and an exciting industry to begin my career.”  He was only 21.  “I knew all about hard work as well as the satisfaction of working for myself.  From age 9 to 18, I owned a neighborhood paper route, which provided me with a small peek into the world of entrepreneurship.”

Susan recalls the contest for an orange television set, on display in her elementary school.  “It matched my bedroom and I had to have it,” she laughs.  The television was to be awarded to the top seller for the school fundraiser and once she saw it, no one else had a chance.  “My mother took me door to door, day after day.  She encouraged me, taught me persistence and the commitment to reach a goal.  I won the orange television!”

By combining their strengths and implementing proven systems, together Corey and Susan immediately became some of the top real estate professionals in the Reno-Sparks area.  With the real estate knowledge and experience they gained, they knew that it was time to build their own RE/MAX franchise… RE/MAX Professionals.